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      Program for blind adults


    This can include from the age of 20 to old aged, coming from all areas of
Thailand; either totally blind or low vision, there are no limitations of gender,faiths,
Or family status and bright or slow learners are welcomed for enrollment.TCFB
Provides free training and free accommodation for residential and day trainees.

    Non-verbal academic courses include reading and writing Braille in Thai and English,
Typing and general subjects.These are to be qualified by taking Government’s exams
In elementary , junior and senior high levels.

    The Rehabilitation courses are as such: daily living skills,handicrafte , orientation and
Mobility (traveling alone with a white cane) house chores and cooking , personal
Grooming, social etiquettes and leaderships.

    Vocational training includes Thai Ancient/ Traditional Massage and Fortune-telling

    The Thai Ancient/ Traditional Massage consists of theory,anatomy and practice.
After the first term of 3 month, the trainees are given a written examination as well
As massaging the instructor.If he/she passes the exam,will become an intern masseur
Practicing in the clinic of the centre where clients come for treatment under the
Supervision of the experienced masseurs. This practice takes 3 months before the final
Examination will be given.In meantime, the trainees must also practice on their
Instructor. The final exam includes analyzing 5 cases in examination paper as
Well. Massage training takes from 6 months or more according to their abilities.

    Fortune telling is divided into 3 categories:telling by 7 figures,telling by astronomy
And reading Gypsy cards.Theories and practices are also needed.The length of time
For training is the same as the massage course

        Program for blind children


    TCFB also opens a short program for blind children aged from 3-20 year old who
Need some basic training such as: eating, dressing,toileting,socializing,playing and
Working together,basic orientation and mobility plus general knowledge.Since 1988,
The children have been transferred to Pattaya Redemptorist School for the Blind in
Pattaya City (a tourist town) on the coast of Thailand , where Mrs Aurora
Sribuapun is the Principal. Those children are still under the responsidility of TCFB.

    Since 1988,TCFB has started an international program for foreign blind persons who
Wish to learn Thai Ancient/Traditional massage at the Caulfield Centre, a scholarship
Of 6 months training with accommodation: the applicants must only pay for their own
Traveling and personal expenses.They can either pay from their own pockets or be sponsored by any agencies within their country.Please send a reguesting lrtter with a recommendation by any agencies or government sectors should you be interested in
Applying for this course.So far , TCFB has provided scholarships to 5 blind people

    From Malaysia,1 from Singapore, 1 from India and 10 from Laos who doing very
Well in the massage profession in their countries.

    Between 1990-1996,TCFB has bought 4 more shopping complexes on the same
Compound by public donations in order to accept more blind adults on a waiting list.
Each year about 100 people can be enrolled.
On July 9th 1992, HRH Crowned Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn has graciously accepted TCFB under her patronage , greatly thanks to her Royal Highness.
In August 1996, TCFB has received and exemplion permit of income tax from
Financial Ministry, license number No.301,donor when receiving a receipt from

     TCFB can show it to tax bureau for deduction.    

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